Fun Stuff

Not everything I do is always about stories.  Shocking, I know.  Not everything gets posted here, but to those who care, a small sample is provided. 

Chess variant:  Doublequeen (Spiral Gate Creativity version)
Doublequeen was a highly aggressive Chess variant developed by several students in the Newton Program at Pine Hill School around 2009-2010.  My version adds two rules to counteract the common problems with the original.

Minecraft map series:  Tree of Life Trilogy Rejuvenated
An attempt at revisiting some of the best maps from Minecraft's past.

Windows 7 theme:  Dragonflight
Most Windows dragon themes out there tend to showcase mostly more bleak or violent (not to mention lower quality) dragon imagery for the wallpapers.  This was my attempt at a more balanced approach to a dragon theme.  Includes wallpapers, sounds, a screensaver and a boot-screen, along with the utilities to make use of them.  The majority of the wallpapers come from art by Enigmatic-Ki and other DeviantArt users.!KdkAQKTC!1opxMJSSEWpnRxtSlrmATE1YFr_nUl57UJl_wvRMWO4

Also an Xbox 360 edition created using Horizon!!6VtV3BQL!_8GHXhkyf_FJ7gsiu5SKM2fV38ZeyLG66IpjOCw8AGE

Windows 7 theme:  Jurassic World
Created in February 2015 in eager anticipation for the film released June 12, this Windows 7 theme I created uses frames from the second Jurassic World trailer as wallpapers, a screensaver built with InstantStorm using official website assets, and sounds from the Jurassic Park Dinosaur Sound Scheme for Windows by Pokemonfan189.!qMNkzbaT!Z0IYWDP4X0vAiL53HanFo2Y5BbFit61cLehgBHhyrjk

Windows 8 theme:  BloodMoon 
Some of my later experiments regarding Dragonflight involved using the "High Contrast" theme system to create a low contrast theme.  Since my Windows 7 prototypes didn't import properly to my Windows 8 machine, I decided to start a new project that reused the Dragonflight wallpaper set with a different ambience.  The result I called BloodMoon. 
NOTE:  Due to undocumented technical glitches, I was completely unable to produce a themepack or deskthemepack file on my Windows 8 machine at all.  You'll therefore need to either edit these themes by hand or have admin privileges in order to use the wallpapers.  Links are provided to the version's default directories. 

First working prototype (v2, one wallpaper, darker color):!KVNxhCJY!hi5puZsO6NMRcigwhTT8pBEP7r-vdeHeRjoITB28uqY

Current version (v4, many wallpapers, lighter color):!iN01hLxB!mRras8_5kG7u392UOqvQ460N0f3UiRiDNF1RKAAwvxs

Optional components (atmosphere matching efforts): 

Red icons (v1, digimon etc. themed, recolored and "iconized" by me):!zY9jGJqK!xY8aJ95THYR2_592GfQ1itYTTe0-qyHYOYNbTEouW38

IOBit "Game Booster 3.4" theme ("Lunar Carbon" with default-style buttons):!HZcRGD4I!eYGEZKHP1qA9DFMiMNr59prb5RwWslYjjXc9qaOS7uQ