the Team

Spiral Gate Creativity is a collaborative group historically dedicated to the development of an elaborate Sci-Fi / Fantasy setting we call the Xenoverse, inspired by a former collaborator's comment that "it's so out there" when asked for advice.  Some members have come and gone, but the major contributors are noted here.

Core Team: 

Jorde Enrique Zuluaga Gonzales
Inspired by a diverse range of anime and video games, Jorde specializes in character design and story ideas.  He is the oldest and most active contributor of the team.

Ryan Wilkerson Medeiros
Jorde may be the one who started everything, but I'm the one who's always stuck finishing it.  My job, as often as not, seems to be sorting out all the trash from the ideas we throw at each other, so the end result seems mostly sane.  I never manage to do as I wish.  


Paul Brian Wallace Bondonno
A central figure of the autistic community, Paul has inspired (and been inspired by) any number of elements of the Xenoverse projectincluding its very existence.  The early concept drafts of his "Destiny Wars" story were what initially inspired us to attempt a story of our own.  Since then, Paul has become a full informal member of the Spiral Gate Creativity team, and exchanges ideas regularly with the rest of us.

Christopher Francini
While Chris hasn't been seriously involved in the project for some time, his early collaborations resulted in the development of one of the most comedicyet tragiccompanion characters within the Xenoverse:  Licwala.

Patrick Francis Costello
Likewise out of contact, Pat inspired some of the more interesting ideas that went into the Xenoverse, despite there not being much variety in his own sources of inspiration.  The parasitic Yggdrasil, the world of Chroniria, and the Blood Brothers all evolved from ideas he proposed at one point or anotherbefore promptly abandoning when his interests changed.

Marcel Solis
While only a member of the group for a brief period of time, Marcel's innovative ideas were some of the best contributed to the project.  The Triverse time-set comes from the ideas he provided.

Tyler Parsons
Not actually a direct contributor to the Xenoverse project (he has his own of a similar scope), his close association with several key members of our group nonetheless provides inspirational influence.

Gabriel Bray
For the span of about one year, Gabriel was more of a companion than Jorde.  He offered a huge span of ideas, inspiration, and practicality, making him a huge asset during that one school year.